June 8, 2006

Friday newsy bits

Rufus Wainwright /
is doing his big Judy Garland show at Carnegie Hall in a week. It is being filmed by Sam Mendes, and one would assume a soundtrack is to follow. He says, “When I am up there singing ‘The Trolley Song,’ it is going to be the gayest moment of my life.”

Read about it in Time Out New York

Depeche Mode /
I got one of the remasters (Music For The Masses) and am disappointed by both the packaging and the way the bonus tracks are on DVD only. Also, the DVD made the blue screen of death appear on my computer! Having said that, the documentary on the DVD is excellent and includes interviews from everyone associated with the band at that time (including Alan Wilder).
Watch the new DM video, "John The Revelator" filmed live in Milan.
Watch official concert footage from the show I went to in December

The Modern /
New songs now online in full: "Seven Oceans" and a potential single called "Questions" on which the lead singer sounds like Tom Bailey of Thompson Twins. Album due in fall.
Hear The Modern now at myspace

Tori Amos /
is recording her new album as we speak! Tori told Rolling Stone recently that the angry Tori will reappear on this record, thank Gawd. Enough of this ribbons and little girls shit!
Read more here, all you Ears With Feet
Check out Martian, the very cool studio she built in Cornwall

Madonna /
is muchly hated by avant garde musician and Bjork disciple Matthew Herbert. The interviewer does make one very salient point: "The whole American Life project was just one wishy-washy statement after another. And during that time, she also started decrying materialism. Two months later, she was in a Gap commercial." True dat!
Read mean Matthew's comments...

Keane /
gets the review they probably deserve in The Independent. One thing I disagree with: Tom Chaplin does not sound like Jon Anderson.
Read the Keane UTIS review
Hear 3 new songs at Noise For Toaster

Finally, what the hell happened to Travis?
It seemed like they would be releasing an album this summer but their website has been dormant for 3 months.


Paul said...

gosh what a cacophany (sp?) of riches you posted on your site - and we were talking just the other day about bands that have multiple singles out and then the albums never appear cos the singles didn't do too well (the modern, alexis strum, veto silver, protocol, lorraine et al...) but questions and seven oceans are quite nice - i think i heard them live earlier in the year...

yes, wtf is travis up to? I loved the man who and the invisible band and quite liked the one after that, and really they kickstarted the "ironic" pop cover craze on radio one with their version of Hit Me Baby One More Time. Perhaps they are scared of the revolutionary new sound of keane, coldplay, snow patrol et al? (my tongue is SO far in my cheek that my mouth hurts...)

shan said...

hey, thanks for the love for Noise For Toaster. rock on.

The Dancing Kids said...

i really love the modern. totally friend them. Not that i am ever looking at myspace *cough*

xolondon said...

Watch out, you will be so molested if you go on myspace!