June 13, 2006

For those who say she cannot sing...

Evidence 1: Video: Madonna goes to see her vocal coach in Manhattan

Evidence 2: Audio:
Madonna live, 2006, "Drowned World"

Evidence 3: Audio: Madonna live, 2006, "Paradise (Not For Me)"


Robpop said...

This is Rob from DontStopthePop.blogspot.com

This is to do with homosexuality and america and it needs posting to as many places as possible. Basically a news reporter from FOX! rips into some anti-gay bitch. She goes wild the second the "priest" says fags...watch in delight! The tide is hopefully changing!

Lets hope she interviews Bush next:


xolondon said...

If this is the Phelps woman, you non-Americans should know that that the whole family is bonkers insane and NO ONE in America except crazies even care. These people make Fox News look like NPR (liberal).

Now, back to Madonna.

D'luv said...

We get letters from Fred Phelps all the time at work and we post them on the bulletin board for a laugh!