June 27, 2006

Fascist little panties

Tori Amos Box Set (5 discs)
A Piano: The Collection
due September 28, 2006

Full details

* = previously unreleased

Disc 1
(note this is full Earthquake CD in alt form)
1. “Leather” (Alternate Mix) 2. “Precious Things” (Alternate Mix) 3. “Silent All These Years” 4. “Upside Down” 5. “Crucify” (Unedited Single Version)* 6. “Happy Phantom” 7. “Me And A Gun” 8. “Flying Dutchman” (Alternate Mix) 9. “Girl” 10. “Winter” 11. “Take To The Sky (Russia)” 12. “Tear In Your Hand” 13. “China” 14. “Sweet Dreams” 15. “Mother” (Alternate Mix) 16. “Little Earthquakes”

Disc 2

1. “Cornflake Girl” 2. “Honey” 3. “Take Me With You”* 4. “Baker Baker” (Alternate Mix) 5. “The Waitress” (Alternate Mix) 6. “Pretty Good Year” 7. “God” 8. “Cloud On My Tongue” 9. “Past The Mission” (Alternate Mix) 10. “Bells For Her” 11. “Yes, Anastasia” (Alternate Mix) 12. “Blood Roses” 13. “Mr. Zebra” 14. “Caught A Lite Sneeze” (Alternate Mix) 15. “Professional Widow” (Merry Widow Version – Live) 16. “Beauty Queen/Horses” 17. “Father Lucifer” 18. “Marianne”

Disc 3
1. “Walk To Dublin” (Sucker Reprise)* 2. “Hey Jupiter” (Dakota Version) 3. “Professional Widow” (Armand’s Star Trunk Funkin’ Mix) 4. “Putting The Damage On” 5. “Bliss” (Remixed Version) 6. “Suede” 7. “Glory Of The 80’s” 8. “1000 Oceans”9. “Concertina” (Single Remix Version) 10. “Lust”1 1. “Datura” 12. “Sugar” (Live from sound check) 13. “The Waitress” (Live) 14. “Snow Cherries From France” 15. “Doughnut Song” (Remixed Version)

Disc 4
1. “A Sorta Fairytale” 2. “Not David Bowie”* 3. “Amber Waves” 4. “Iieee” (Remixed Version) 5. “Playboy Mommy” (Remixed Version) 6. “The Beekeeper” 7. “Jackie’s Strength” 8. “Zero Point”* 9. “Sweet The Sting” 10. “Ode To My Clothes”* 11. “Spark” 12. “Intro Jam”* and “Marys Of The Sea” 13. “Cruel” (Remixed Version) 14. “Dolphin Song”* 15. “Gold Dust”

Disc 5
1. “The Pool” 2. “Never Seen Blue” 3. “Daisy Dead Petals” 4. “Beulah Land” 5. “Sugar” 6. “Cooling” 7. “Bachelorette” 8. “Black Swan” 9. “Mary” (Tales Version) 10. “Peeping Tommi”* 11. “Toodles Mr. Jim” Demo Medley: 12. “Fire-Eater’s Wife/Beauty Queen” (Demo)* 13. “Playboy Mommy” (Demo)* 14. “A Sorta Fairytale” (Demo)* 15. “This Old Man” 16. “Purple People” 17. “Here. In My Head” 18. “Hungarian Wedding Song” 19. “Merman” 20. “Sister Janet” 21. “Home On The Range” (Cherokee Edition) 22. “Frog On My Toe”

Some songs missing: "Happy Worker" and "Song For Eric" and "Siren" and "Butterfly" etc etc. I expect major packaging to compensate! Will update tonight with a few MP3s- maybe some I just mentioned!


cunty bitch said...

All the discs sound good, but the one I want to hear the most is #5. There are so many of my favorite B-Sides on it! Here they are:

“Daisy Dead Petals”
“Beulah Land”
“Sister Janet”
“Frog On My Toe” (my most favorite tori song ever--above all others)

xolondon said...

Hmmmm. I love Daisy...

My rare faves are probably Cooling, Upside Down, Honey, Flying Dutchman and the very sad Merman.

cunty bitch said...

i haven't heard a lot of those b-sides, though--i'm a poor excuse for a tori fan. i banished her from my mp3 player because i was so pissed off by the Beekeeper. i need to dig back into the tori catalouge and refreshing my memory on those b-sides really helped me realize once again why i loved her so much...i'm sorry tori! i shouldn't have doubted you!

i will cover "frog on my toe"...the reason i love that song so much is i have a connection to it because of where i was at when i heard it (emotionally speaking). it's not her "best" by any means, but it is my favorite for emotional reasons.

i LOVE Upside Down and Honey. Cooling is ok but I don't know Flying Dutchman or Merman...if you post, i will snatch!

xolondon said...

email me cunty. I'll send you some.

As for Beekeeper, if you own it, I suggest you just make your own version with like ten songs. They age well b/c I refused to play them much at the time. There ARE some good tracks in there. I put her on a playlist on my ipod and got to know those ten songs.

cunty bitch said...

you're right...there are some good songs but the extreme overabundance of shitty ones ruined the album (the whole rotten apple spoiling the bunch thing). I will do as you suggest--I need to reconnect with Tori. i have abandoned her and her time-out is over.

countpopula said...

Flying Dutchman might be my favorite Tori song ever.