June 12, 2006

Call it a delayed reaction

I just didn't bother to find out about The Pipettes. And then DirrrtyPop (who is onto everything first) posted this fucking brilliant video - a complete rip of a scene in Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls. Girls Aloud must be shitting themselves, especially because the blond looks just like Sarah Harding from a distance. First the Pipettes new video, Pull Shapes:

and now, its source, directed by Russ Meyer:

More on The Pipettes very soon. If you like The Gogo's, The Jam/ Style Council, Girls Aloud, and old Bananarama or girl groups, they are for you.


Paul said...

my friend ruthless and I have declared pull shapes our summer anthem, we totally adore it and frug around like maniacs to it. Now i'm a married chap i suppose that sort of behaviour should stop...

The Dancing Kids said...