June 11, 2006

Britpop Brunch

4 new tracks and a bonus for my trolls...

The Feeling "Never Be Lonely"
Insanely catchy, this is one of those perfect summer songs. It will be in my Top 20 songs of 2006, no doubt. Like Pablo Cruise and The Bellamy Brothers mixed with Elton John and a dash of ELO. Love the harmonies at the end. Get the CD!

The Upper Room "Kill Kill Kill"
Lovely track from their new album every Britpop fan should own.

Keane "Let It Slide"
New b-side that is superior to several album tracks.

Delays "Waste Of Space"
Lovely ballad from their newest record. The middle eight on this one is gorgeous with all that octave climbing from the lead singer.

And an oldie "chaser" that is very American...

Pablo Cruise "Love Will Find A Way"
A major 70's favorite, this reminds me of my permanently barefoot Southern babysitter, Daphne.


split chick said...

I've already ordered The Feeling CD from Amazon.com...they have an import listed for $17.99 (with free shipping) that supposedly comes out next week. Let's see if it's actually for real...thanks for the song to tide me over!

Paul said...

ooo good choice of songs! The feeling have the number 2 album in the UK right now which i am happy about :) I like Kill Kill Kill by Upper Room, but its all about Portrait for me right now ;) And you are right about the keane b-side. Lets hope they release lots of ok-notbad singles from UTIS with lots of superior b-sides :)