June 27, 2006

As promised

Scene: 10:30 pm on a rainy night, home.

[ring ring ring]

Xolondon: Helluh?
Tori Amos: XO, this is Myra Ellen, calling from Cornwall.
Xolondon: Tori? I'm chanting as we speak darling!
Tori Amos: Whatever. Are you exploiting my girls, motherfucker?
Xolondon: Posting your bees? But Tori, I am an Ear With Feet!
Tori Amos: Listen bitch, music is the purest form. That’s where the message is unadulterated, clear and knows who it is. I don't want you to cloud or pervert what the sonic realm is doing. You got that?
Xolondon: But Tori, these girls need to live-
Tori Amos: DO AS I SAY, pussy man! Or I'm gonna have to cut ya!

[click. dial tone.]

Operator expired
Jim Croce cover, circa 2005, recorded for radio broadcast.

Garlands expired
also known as "Washington Square" - a long piece left off most versions of Beekeeper. Harkens back to the early days, especially because it is over 8 minutes.
Siren expired
From the movie Great Expectations (Paltrow version). This predates Choirgirl. Excellent song with an urgent chorus of indecipherable lyrics: "Never was one for a prissy girl /coquette call in for an ambulance/ reach high/ doesn't mean she's holy / just means she's got a cellular handy / almost brave / almost pregnant / almost in love /Vanilla"

The Happy Worker expired
From the movie Toys. Verrrry different.

Spark (live) expired
Excellent live version recorded for Westwood 1 from the Park West in Chicago, 1996.

You don't want to cross Tori Amos. If you didn't see it before, read this post from June 2005.


The Dancing Kids said...

LOVE that picture!

lol I'm chanting as we speak. What's my job? I don't know really! .... Get paid...

cunty bitch said...

i love "siren"!!! i don't have it though so i will gladly snatch that bitch up!!!

Paul said...

i never really liked tori, but i do still sing loudly to Cornflake Girl every now and then... what i do love is some ab fab referencing...

xolondon said...

Yes, Krissy you just know someone took that picture whle sitting on the toilet eavesdropping on Tori.