June 4, 2006

All these blogs have the same template: coincidence or conspiracy?

One of my all-time favorite songs is up at Invasion Of The Reverb Snacthers: It's The Go Betweens "Rock And Roll Friend" of which I have many! I didn't know this track until I heard Everything But The Girl sing it at a live acoustic show in about 1993ish.

Pop A Go-Go has a fucking last supper of 80's pop: Among them, personal faves "Shout To The Top" by The Style Council and ABC's "Look Of Love" (yippeky yippykyayyyye!). He's even got Haysi Fantaysee, Blancmange, and that fab JoBoxers song.

Looking At Them has the song I long ago chose to be played at my funeral, "Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue" by Crystal Gayle. I will always have a moment for this track. You can take the boy out of Georgia... Note that I am still recovering from her fab post of Franki Valli's version of "A Day In The Life" which to me sounds eerily like The Beautiful South.


Paul said...

its a conspiracy! Don't look directly at them. It burns... BURNS!

babs said...

Yep, has the same template one of my friends has.

The 80s one and the country ones were excellent choices.

Shiny, Shiny!! Which I only recently discovered when I bought Living in Oblivion, VOl. 2.

And some of the country ones are classics. And some I had on my Nightflight album along with Greatest American Hero Theme, Slow Hand by the Pointer Sisters and so forth. I think Queen of Hearts, I love a rainy night and others were on there.

FiL said...

xolondon, many thanks for the shout out - glad you enjoyed the soundtrack to my nostalgic hand-wringing.

As for the template, y'know, funny you should mention it. The green looked so nice and fresh at first, but lately its been making me kind of nauseous. Guess it is time to pull out the old gloss paint and virtual roller...