June 30, 2006

1982: Rip it up and start again! (Hi BRIDGET!)

Orange Juice Rip It Up

One of the greatest songs of the eighties (in this case, 1982), but not very well known in America. What's surprising is how totally unrecognizable Edwyn ("A Girl Like You") Collins is! I would never have known it was him. I discovered this song on my first trip to England in 1995. The actual video, which was just taken down from Youtube has some shots of Regent Street and Oxford Street. Le sigh! This is the Top Of The Pops lip sync.


The Dancing Kids said...

Where is my hayze fantaze?? Where is my Bucks Fizz? What about Agadoo-doo-doo push pineapple chase the tree aga doo doo doo push pineapple grind coffee...??

D'luv said...

Hot. Edwyn looks and sounds like he O.D.'d on David Bowie's "Fashion" single and spent months perfecting Bowie's look. Good stuff, though.

And yeah, bring on the Bucks Fizz! If you can't stand the heat....