February 16, 2006

Still hungry: What I'm listening to this week

The Weepies: "World Spins Madly On"
Used to great effect last week on "Grey's Anatomy" (another show with cool music). The Weepies are a duo that remind me of an indie-fied Simon And Garfunkle, or their dopplegangers Kings Of Conveniece, but with a female voice in the mix. Weepies is apt, as this is a melancholy where-did-it-all-go-wrong song. Get it on iTunes. Note also that the CD is due in stores on March 7.

Lucas Miré: "Swallowed Whole"
The first track I heard from Lucas, an Atlanta (!) artist, remains a favorite that I have been playing. Yes, it has the "Don't Tell Me" stop/start thing, so don't get confused! Some things I like about this song - the blossoming chorus, the synth ribboning through the end, and this line "If you want someone who has mastered the art of being numb,well hey, here I come." You can get the full MP3 from his site. I want brownie points for getting the accent on his name.

Levy "Rector Street"
This sweet ballad has made the blogger rounds, first with Torr and then with Arjan. Levy are doing jangly British pop/rock/folk, but they are not really British! I'll do that with my first album: pretend I am British. Arjan is still hosting the MP3.

Note to The Music Lovers: hurry up with that new record!!

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Solomon Grundy said...

Grey's Anatomy started well but has become too contrived.