February 1, 2006


Embrace is better than Coldplay.
There! I have said it. Why are they superior to Martin and Co?

1) They are not as whiny.
2) Lead singer not married to a snooty film star.
3) They probably do not have a plane.
4) They are far better to sing along with because they often have choral choruses.
5) Their new single (Thanks Torr!) is called "Nature's Law" (nod to Ashcroft's "Nature Is The Law"?) and the sample you can play again and again here is fabulous. Cannot wait for their new CD.

"Nature’s Law" is released on March 20th and the album This New Day is released on April 4th. UK release only.

Don't know Embrace? Seek out "Gravity" (written by Chris Martin), "A Glorious Day" and "Ashes" from their 2004 album. All are on itunes.

Pic courtesy of a fan named Luno here.


evan said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. YOurs is pretty cool. I'm blogrolling you. If you wouldn't mind doing the same, I'd appreciateit.

trill42 said...

"Embrace is better than Coldplay."

I'll co-sign that! Like the list o' reasons too.