August 2, 2005

Will avoid "What's it all about?" tag.

Alfie is an English band with the right mind to pose in front a nice English manor on a grey English day. Their upcoming CD is called Crying At Teatime (see the nouveau cover a few posts down) and it's due on August 15.

They're from Salford, near Manchester, and they've been around for 5 years, but are just now making a splash (it took them 4 albums - they are old fashioned blokes that way). The members are young enough that one of them used be babysat by Eagle Eye Cherry! I should also mention they have some of the most collectible cover art in British music today.

Their new single is "Your Own Religion" and you can hear it or watch it. Another good track to try is their 2003 single "People".


torr said...

new? it's their 4th album ! :-)

xolondon said...

Tht was just sloppiness on my part! They ARE new to me (and getting more press now).