August 3, 2005

Sufjan interview

Thanks to the mysterious emailer who sent me this article from Nerve about waifish brainiac Sufjan Stevens. They touch upon several topics, including his Christianity (he dodges some bullets there) and the way he speaks reminds me of some folks I knew in college. That's not really a compliment! Regardless, I like this quote about Sufjan moving out of Detroit city and into the country in Michigan:

When we moved from the city to the country it felt like we'd gone back in time. People were moving more slowly, driving cars that were outdated, but there was also a greater freedom, and I think that was exciting as a child.

Be forewarned that Nerve is sometimes a wee bit....precious, describing the United States as "fifty little personified cantons" for instance. Also, do not dig around the Nerve site while at work (NSFW). Some of you minxes already know of what I speak...

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