August 26, 2005

Single Of The Week: Mark Owen's "Believe In The Boogie"

My most relentlessly played song this week is by Mark Owen - a total unknown in America, but a sort of b-list star in the UK. He was once in the cheesiest, gayest boy band ever, Take That, along with Robbie Williams. For the past 6 years or so he has been trying to gain credibility as a solo artist, choosing decent collaborators like Radiohead producer John Leckie. People kind of ignored him until he won Celebrity Bg Brother in the UK a few years ago (that show is a much bigger thing over there and the whole nation watches).

His newest single Believe In The Boogie is classic British music hall pop. And it's pronounced boo-gie, not buh-gie like we'd say in America. Veddy Bridish. I got into this song on a tip from Torr, but it's hard to get in the States (find it any way you can, though the single is on Amazon UK and a sample is on the German site). I started paying attention to the lyrics, wondering if they are about Robbie Williams:

There´s a friend of mine / Who´s wasting all his money / Think he´s had his time / Think he´s lost his mind / Still a friend of mine / Could have had it all / From the Albert Hall to the Uni Ball / How the mighty fall

There are other clues in the lyrics. Wonder what Robbie will say? Doesn't matter, does it? Robbie is richer than God.

Anyway, just to give you an idea of how truly gay Take That were, in 1992 they embarked on a Safe Sex Tour and here is a promo photo. Can you imagine an American boy band getting away with this? Mark is the wee one in the middle.


cunty bitch said...

thanks for this hot pic!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I think Mark was writing those lyrics about himself, not Robbie.