August 21, 2005

Scam alert - I almost fell for it!

I received an email from Amazon Payments telling me my account had been violated. Hmph! Looking back there were numerous alarms in the email, but I clicked on the link and it took me to a very real Amazon page that knew my wish list, etc (it was probably designed to link to that). Anyway, I stupidly gave it my password and then it asked me for credit card info. At that point I realized it was a scam, so I closed it and went into the real Amazon and changed my password. It makes me nervous because there were a few minutes that a sophisticated con could have snagged information. I sent the Amazon security people a forward of the email. The worst part is the my Amazon Marketplace info has my bank account number, though I am not sure there is a place to actually SEE that number omce you initially type it in. The curse of the modern world!

Right now there is a hairy biker in Fort Lee sitting on a couch with a beer, saying in MY voice, "Ohmigod I LOVE the new Goldfrapp!"

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Chris said...

Yeah, you almost got caught by a "phishing" scam. Just so you know, for next time... if you mouse over the web link in the email, you can often see that the URL the link takes you to is NOT amazon (or a credit card company, which is also a common phishing scam)... You should forward the original email (with full headers) to They're actively seeking out these scumbags.