August 21, 2005

Red for STOP: Songs I have not liked recently

Tracey Thorn and Tiefshwarz's "Damage" - Sounds phoned in and is a major disappointment for her first track in 6 years. Perhaps it would have been better to return with actual musicians, versus remixers. It's droning and sounds like it was done in the 90's.

Sugababes "Push The Button" - A bland, safe choice for first single. Not popular on the pop boards. The followup, "Ugly," was accidentally played on Radio1, and it's much better.

Girls Aloud "Long Hot Summer" - another great girlpop group from the UK that phones in a droning, no-melody cash cow single. Lyrics are not bad though.

Franz Ferdinand "Do You Want To" - The jury is still out. Maybe it will grow on me? I am guessing that their new CD will represent no leap toward anything new. I could be wrong.

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