August 19, 2005

Red alert!

Kate Bush: New album on November 8!

UPDATE: I got the info from someone who went to NARM. Go to this site and look at The Crystal Ball link on the top. A PDF will pop up - she's under Columbia Records. I don't think there is any press release yet.


The Dancing Kids said...

who told you this?? WHO TOLD YOU THIS!?!??!

cunty bitch said...

i don't believe you!!!!

cunty bitch said...

i emailed that scott guy and begged him to tell me if that info was just some sick joke. god, could it be true???? is kate FINALLY going to put an album out???!!!! I AM DYING HERE!

cunty bitch said...

i got a reply, confirming that IT IS TRUE!!! :) yeah!

xolondon said...

Devian and Princess - what are your ten fave Kate songs - [or wait, Princess did I ask you this somewhere else on this blog? I think I did! I will check. Was Delius one of them? Dee-lee-us!]

cunty bitch said...

oh, lord that is the hardest question. i have a hard time picking favorite kate songs. but let me give it a go--of course this list will probably change.

1. "Hounds of Love"
2. "Blow Away"
3. "Breathing"
4. "Night of the Swallow"
5. "Them Heavy People"
6. "Room for the Life"
7. "Watching You Without Me"
8. "Hammer Horror"
9. "Moving"
10. "Big Sky"

Tough list...let's see how it changes with "Aerial"...