August 15, 2005

October 10: new Weller

That's a recent shot of Paul performing his new single on Top Of The Pops, looking mod/gruff hot. It's now been ten years since the amazing Stanley Road record, which everyone should own. The tracklist for Paul Weller's upcoming album As Is Now is (drumroll please):

‘Blink And You’ll Miss It’
‘Paper Smile’
‘Come On / Let’s Go’(second single, out 9/26)
‘Here’s The Good News’
‘The Start Of Forever’
‘All On A Misty Morning ‘
‘From The Floorboards Up’ (fizzy first single, out now)
‘I Wanna Make It Alright’
‘Fly Little Bird’
‘Roll Along Summer’
‘Bring Back The Funk (Pts 1 & 2)’
‘The Pebble And The Boy’

pic courtesy of Weller World UK

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