August 11, 2005

Madonna #1: Back in tha day

1990, with Steven Meisel (photographer), Tony Ward (boyfriend), and Debi Mazar (actress/human retro Barbie). Maria: Don't we have a picture like this, when we were young(er) and beautiful(ler)?

Countin' down to Milady's new CD, there have been all sorts of whack-ass fake tracklists and album covers all over the web. People are so gullible. Anway, I'll be posting some rare pics of her. Just for shit and giggles, as Jason says.

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V said...

I would love to see that picture. Hey, I posted one of mines.. but then that was from the 80s. Now it's your turn.

hmmm.. what did XO look like back then?

Speaking of Madonna. I remember her best not from the 80s but when she was at the height of her controversy. LIke when she had the "SEX" book out and everyone was dancing to Techno and her No1. song then was "Deeper & Deeper." I loved that video. Wasn't Chi Chi in it?