August 31, 2005


Sit down trolls, the news is better than we ever imagined:

Single: "King Of The Mountain" (out Oct 24)
Album: Aerial (a double album, out Nov 7/8)

Source: NME


Trasha said...

i am twinkling in delight right now. i believe this one little post has made my year.

Trasha said...

first of all, i'm no TROLL! :P and second, your site is one of my favorites and read it like i would a good music mag. i have you linked on my website ( so that others can get the 411. i will always remember your site as being the place i first heard about kate's new album and thank you so much for that. i worship her like no other and have waited so long (just like you and everyone else) and truly thought this day would NEVER EVER come!!! november 7 feels like tomorrow. i'm so happy.

xolondon said...

To clarify, TROLL in my use is a good thing. It really refers to people I know who read this, but it can also mean people who just read regularly.

I stole that "trolls" thing Patti Labelle. She uses that term on her TV show all the time. (A TV show I am OBSESSED with)

Trasha said...

Excuse me--Patti LaBelle has a TV Show? Where the hell have I been?!!! I love Patti.

xolondon said...

Check this post from last fall: