August 8, 2005

Greetings, trolls!

I am back from my vacation. I did a whole lot of nothing and that was great! Watched TV in the blasting A/C, did little projects, went to the gym (and yet gained weight?), and saw lots of friends.

I am sorry to see this morning that Peter Jennings is dead. He was the only network anchor I ever really liked. Back in the winter, ABC defense reporter Martha Raddatz came here and did a lunchtime roundtable for the journalism club. I went and she told us that Peter Jennings IS ABC News. Everything that is said on air is cleared by him - all remote reports and news packages, everything. He was the one, she said, who was so committed to keeping international news a priority. It seems like he died really fast and that is just terrible.

I am happy to see the implosion of assholic Robert Novak. Hubris will bring him down - although no one likes him in DC anyway. He is a complete dick - who cares if you get the scoop when you are a horrible person at the same time? Sorry, heaven doesn't care about your column Bob. Now, if we can just witness the downfall of Karl Rove...

Music has been sucking shite while I have been away. Nothing good! I did make a few discoveries that I'll post about soon.

Xolondon approved summer TV: Footballers Wives (Sundays at 9 on BBC America), Entourage (Sundays at 10 on HBO), Rescue Me (Tuesdays at 10 on FX) , Midsomer Murders (Sunday afternoons and 6-8 on Biography) and Murder In Suburbia (Mondays at 8 on BBC America). This is really the only stuff I actively watch now. I admit to the odd reality show when I happen to catch one (yes, I have watch Bobby and Whitney!).


Tim said...

I LOVE "MIDSOMER MURDER"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That hunky Sgt. Troy is dreamy. :)

V said...

I was flipping chanels when I came across Footballer's Wives. It was REAL hot scene in the locker room! I saw penis.

xolondon said...

I don't think there is PENIS on BBC America! That's shockin' innit?