August 28, 2005

God bless Ruth Fisher

This is a random post. Was thinking about Six Feet Under again and the performance throughout the series by Frances Conroy as Ruth. I loved her crazy outbursts in the kitchen. She was so repressed and then this stuff would come out of her mouth at full force. She will go down in history for these lines, which would be perfect for a gym t-shirt (Ruth said this indignantly to freaky Arthur):

"I know you sent us the feces box and the feces gift basket!"

I should note that Frances Conroy is a Georgian (!) and she is married to an actor who, strangely, never appeared on SFU.


Unknown said...

Ha, yes! The feces gift basket! Frances Conroy rocks. I love it when characters that seem so composed suddenly lose it, and boy, Ruth Fisher was indeed master of the outburst.

xolondon said...

Hi Rebel! Will miss Ruth Fisher. She was such a good mix of sweet and sour.

I saw Duncan Shiek at the old Birchmere btw and he did Radiohead! "Fake Plastic Trees" - it was very good.

Anyway, am off to...rid my dirty mind of all of its preciousness.