August 10, 2005

DM 05: Pain And Suffering In Various Tempos?

The best Depeche fan site, Empty World, recently had an album bio posted for the new Playing The Angel CD, due on Oct 17. We've learned this info about the songs (in no order)...

Precious (the single)
The Sinner In Me
Suffer Well (Dave composition)
Macrovision (sung by Martin!)
John The Revelator
I Want It All (Dave composition)

Introspectre (short instrumental)
A Pain That I'm Used To (this is the start of "side 2")
The Darkest Star (album title comes from this one)
Nothing's Impossible (Dave composition)

Damaged People (sung by Martin!)


V said...

Some interesting titles there.

Damaged People? Has Martin been reading my blog?? :)

xolondon said...

Yes, he knows that you Suffer Well with the Pain You Are Used To.

V said...


Was listening to "Precious" this morning on the way to work. I'm hooked. Need mooooooore...