August 27, 2005

Bad album art: Paul Weller '05

What a godawful album cover. He has always done such a good job until now. He looks like an aging mafia don, especially the way the suit makes his torso look fat. He tends to be quite lean and wirey in person. Did he get a beer gut?

Read my post about the new album here


cunty bitch said...

thank font is so 80's--but bad, dumb 80's, not hip-retro 80's.

xolondon said...

Hi Devian - thanks for posting every now and then. I love it when people post! Some of my trolls are shy...

Yeah, Paul must have a book of old fonts. Usually he gets it right. Look up his CDs on Amazon UK - or The Style Council CDs. Always really cool artwork, always retro. They just picked a terrible picture.

That new Supernature font is uber-Studio 54, btw.