August 13, 2005

Andy Bell's new solo music!

Arjan covers the new Andy Bell solo single called "Crazy" - it's pretty good. Check out Andy's site too. The picture above is Andy shooting his new album cover. The CD, with the great title Electric Blue, is due out in early October. Please note that this record will contain duets with Jake Shears and, Varant take note, Claudia Brücken. Will this be the second killer pop record from Andy in one year? Sounds like it!

1 comment:

V said...

Is it really comming out that soon? Good to see Claudia still doing it. Didn't she form a band recentaly called "One Two" or something? I was excited when I first heard about it and checked out a sample and it didn't quite grab me.

I guess I was expecting something similar to "P-Machinery" or "Dr. Mabuse" :)