March 24, 2005

Off topic: more thoughts on the the Schiavo case

Stereogum quotes Moby today on the Terri Shiavo case. It's what I have been thinking presented very succinctly, about conservatives relationship with the concepts of right-to-life and state's rights.

In the meantime, I don't want to beat on Shiavo's parents,
but they have been spending their days going from court to court while their daughter is dying. Shouldn't they be spending these moments with her? I have to say that, despite their actions, I do feel for them. Their daughter may have been mentally gone for many, many years, but they have adapted to her present state. Giving up the physical being that you know has got to be very hard. I hope that this sad story ends very soon.

I would also like to comment on the politicians involved in this case. Have you noticed George Bush's falling approval rating? He and Congress have behaved with total disregard for anyone but the Schindler's and the rabid right wing. Here are some general poll results on the Schiavo case and here are the President's ratings. Expect to see more press on the latter rating in the coming days.

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