March 23, 2005

Give to me your leather!

Stevie Nicks is doing a cool concert series in Vegas (at Celine's theater) and I really should go because Stevie is my first love! This set of 4 shows (May 10, 11, 13 and 14 with tickets still on sale at Ticketmaster) will be dedicated to the most uber-Stevie performance in history. You will be gagging on the Stevie-ness. She'll be using the huge imax film screens with old footage and wearing her old famous clothes. She apparently has never even taken the mic off the stand, but the stage is so big. Expect songs she has never done live too! (note to Princess: get in your Volvo and go!)

The interviews linked here are endearing because she goes into wayyy too much info about the stage she'll be on. She's really into it! Note that she also slightly slams Lindsey's demands for her to be more casual on the Fleetwood Mac tour... I guess he's still a prick after all these years.

PS: If you have unkind things to say about my lady, then be gone with you!

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The Dancing Kids said...

well, that's why we've put together this boxed set of all my work... for fans like you

spins around and wraps fan in shawl.