January 21, 2005

A few tasty tidbits

1) DOLLYMANIA: I just found this great new interview with Dolly Parton in The Guardian .

2) MARIA LIKES THIS: Beware of the yellow snow. A new game for you here.

3) EVIL ANNA WINTOUR FUCKED BOB MARLEY: It's true, the shacked up for a week! Read about it on Page Six. A sample: "She looked utterly worn out from her exertions with the rasta legend, but denied to friends she'd spent the week in Marley's bed."

4) TSUNAMI DONATIONS: The Amazon Tsunami link is still up, but the donations are slowing down. It's now at $15,584,821.47 representing 189,667 payments.

5) COLDPLAY SOUNDS LIKE KRAFTWERK? Apparently so. Read it at NME.

6) C-LO PLUMPTIOUS SHOCKER. Well, I saw it coming. Goldenfiddle.com says "SOMEBODY GET THIS WOMAN SOME DRUGS!!!"

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