December 13, 2004

XO's "Breakout Star of 2004 No. 1"

For those who are readers of the blog about Shelby the Pug, it has been reallllly good lately. That dog is one of the cutest creatures on Earth. I love her and she is surely the breakout star of the year (forget Zach Braff!). Don't you like her sweater? Don't you want a dog just so you can dress it in a sweater?

Shelby The Pug's blog

my July post about Shelby

shhhh... don't tell Cassie

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Anonymous said...

Hey, JP again. LOVE Shelby! I could easily fall into doing something like that for Bailey. They have diaries on Dogster and I am seriously trying to refrain. I'm sure there are some sort of blog awards and Shelby and Winnie should win!