December 17, 2004

Where In The White House Is Miss Beazley?

The White House has done a video of Barney the Scottie for Christmas. Now, Barney is the only White House person I can stand - the rest of them are dawgs. The video includes cameos by such insidious evildoers as Lynne Cheney and Andy Card, who should know that tinsel can seriously hurt animals. There is a special role for Assmaster Karl Rove, who insists that the Christmas tree have only red ornaments.

This film drags a bit, but I like Barney, so I will let it go. Do note that Miss Beazley is the new White House Scottie puppy and you keep thinking you'll see her, but then Laura Bush, fresh from a toke, pisses on the whole thing by telling Barney that the puppy won't arrive until January! What a disappointing ending.

Barney's website (I have to admit that sometimes I look at it!)

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small squirrel said...

hooray for proper usage of my fave word...ASSMASTER! :)