December 9, 2004

Off topic: Alias is back on January 5!

What's your name?
Ima what?
Ima gonna kick your ass!

Have you seen the new Alias promo on ABC? It seems to be lengthening daily. I like how she tells Vaughn that "we need to take it slow" and then they cut to quick shots of back-clawin' bed-bangin'!

This show was a bit worn out when it left (I kind of gave up. Could it have taken them any longer to kill that overly eyebrowed bitch Lauren?). Taking a break was a good thing for fans of Alias, because now we want it back. Hopefully it will have also rejuvenated the makers of the show too. Now all they need to do is bring back Merrin Dungey, Bradley Cooper and Kick-ass Lena Olin.

Short interview with JJ Abrahms


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's JP. I have read that Bradley Cooper will be back (not sure how many eps) and they have begged Lena Olin but she won't do it. :(

xolondon said...

Is this your virgin post? I guess Merrin could also come back b/c we didn't really see Evil Francie die. She had disappeared last we saw her. They really need to work Bradley back in for some sort of emotional foil to Vaughn.

PS I was sure Dominic was dead last night. We said, "Oh he must be going off to do a movie!"

ADD said...

I'm so curious to see how Garner and Vartan deal with each other now that they are no longer ensemble off-screen. And there can never be too much Weiss. Scrumptious.

I thought Charlie was dead, too!! But then I thought, nah...he's too big a star to go out this early. And Sawyer's dimples had me at hello. Rrowr!