December 19, 2004

The List: XO's Favorite Songs of 2004 (Part 1, A-F)

It's in alphabetical order, folks:

A Girl Called Eddy “Tears All Over Town”
Agnetha "Sometimes When I'm Dreaming"
Badly Drawn Boy “Year Of The Rat”
Ben Folds “Rock Star”
Bjork “Desired Constellation”
Bjork “Who Is It”
Bjork “Triumph Of A Heart”
The Blue Nile “I Would Never”
The Blue Nile “She Saw The World”
Bruce Hornsby “Gonna Be Some Changes Made”
Caetano Veloso “Feelings”
Client “Radio”
Courtney Love “Hold On To Me”
Death Cab For Cutie “Transatlanticism” (from ‘03)
Deepest Blue “Is It A Sin”
Delays “Long Time Coming”
Delays “Wanderlust”
Destiny’s Child “Through With Love”
Diana Krall “Departure Bay”
Diana Krall “Narrow Daylight”
Divine Comedy “Absent Friends”
Divine Comedy “Come Home Billy Bird”
Divine Comedy “Our Mutual Friend”
Duran Duran “Astronaut”
Duran Duran “What Happens Tomorrow”
Ed Harcourt “Born In The 70’s”
Embrace “Gravity”
Fantasia Barrino “Summertime”
Finn Brothers “Gentle Hum”
Finn Brothers “Won’t Give In”
Franz Ferdinand “Take Me Out”
Fried “When You Get Out Of Jail”


The Dancing Kids said...

death cab for cutie doesn't count! Unless it was released in limited cities to be considered for your 04 awards. That's what I say.

i also say yay! finn brothers - but I wake up saying that.

xolondon said...

my list, my rules chica! plus it was well used in an ep of Six Feet Under this year (when Claire's friends all got high and sang the "I want you so much closer" part to one another while painting her room - which was perfect b/c DCFC is the type of music we would adore if we were in college now).