December 8, 2004

Girls Aloud: Gift-wrapped kitty cats

The Brits take the idea of a Girl Group very seriously. They continue to tinker in Hello Kitty-wall papered laboratories, seeking the perfect combination of vocal harmony talent, shiny legs, psuedo-innocence and blow-job lips. The problem is that most producers forget the songs. Not Girls Aloud. Their songs are always the most: the most beats per minute, the most guitars, the most vaguely dirty lyrics, the most hooks crammed into one song.

We live in a PSG World (that's Post-Spice Girls, drips!), where the girls actually had individual personalities, albeit somewhat cartoonish. I think the blueprint for the working-class Girls Aloud is actually Bananarama, who once sang a song with the chorus,
"I wish you were in our shoes / I wish you could be us / Washing all your laundry / and riding on the bus."

I was going to review What Will The Neighbours Say, the new Girls Aloud CD, but I gave up when I read the Popjustice Review. This time Popjustice adds little one-line video treatments as a way to describe the song. My favorite: 'Speed' meets 'Twister'. Band members cling to telegraph poles. Perrrfect.

Popjustice also has a knack for picking out the best song lyrics (and there are many to choose from), though they miss one of my favorites (remember this is dippy pop, people!): "We're gift-wrapped kitty cats / We only turn into tigers when we gotta fight back"

Girls Aloud website
HMV samples (try The Show for their signature sound)
Here is my previous review of The Show


The Dancing Kids said...

You know, I often think "Shoulda hung around the kitchen in my underwear..."

LOVE your description of the UK laboratory!

I know you have this album already so why aren't you burning me a copy - or rather - making me a TAPE for my VOLVO!!?!??!?!

xolondon said...

Well, you ARE a gift-wrapped kitty cat and not ashamed of it, so it doesn't surprise me that you would be curious about Girls Aloud. Who says I have not done a tape for your Vulva - I mean Volvo?