December 15, 2004

Best of 2004: This is why I like him I like him I like him


After a 7 year drought, Morrissey released a whopping 24 high quality songs in 2004 (with another CD rumored for 2005). How did we survive without him? After all these years, the man is positively Messianic. Being a fan with nothing better to do in my life, I have pondered how these songs could be culled and put into one 13 track You Are The Quarry album.

Here is my version of You Are The Quarry:

01 Irish Blood, English Heart
02 I Am Two People
03 The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
04 Friday Mourning
05 I'm Not Sorry
06 My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye
07 Mexico
08 I Like You
09 First Of The Gang To Die
10 Let Me Kiss You
11 I Have Forgiven Jesus
12 The Never Played Symphonies
13 Come Back To Camden

This album is filled with highlights, such as the vocals in the final minute of I Like You or the brilliant lyrics to Come Back To Camden about "tea with a taste of the Thames." One of my favorite musical moments this year is the bridge in Let Me Kiss You (lyrics below), where the music and lyrics meld into one glorious, emotional moment. BUNNY BOILER ALERT! This makes the (perpetual) tears behind my eyes want to spray all over the world. I still think I prefer Nancy Sinatra's version of this LMKY because it has a sort of wan, disaffected quality - his is a little more jaunty. Either way I LOVE this bit and play it over and over.

But then you open your eyes
and you see someone
that you physically despise
but my heart is open
my heart is open to you.

I have to just stop writing because that song is so WRENCHING and poignant! I am still a teen and always will be...

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