June 8, 2004

Finn Brothers CD coming in August!

The Finn Brothers are FINALLY releasing their first CD in 8 years: Everyone Is Here. On August 24. squeal. It will have:

1. Won't Give In (the single)
2. Nothing Wrong With You
3. Anything Can Happen
4. Luckiest Man Alive
5. Homesick
6. Disembodied Voices
7. A Life Between Us
8. All God's Children
9. Edible Flowers
10. All of the Colours
11. Part Of Me, Part Of You
12. Gentle Hum

It has Jon Brion and Matt Chamberlain (Tori's drummer) and string arrangements by Tony Visconti. More info here. Best bit yet: They are in DC on July 28 at the 9:30 Club

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