May 11, 2004

She just slipped right in...

I didn't even know that one of my favorite artists was releasing a record today! How can that be, pray tell? Maura O'Connell's new CD is called "Don't I Know." I loves me some Maura, though her last CD was such a dud for me that I listened to it fully only once. Back with her good producer, Jerry Douglas, the songs on this one are much better, though I still have an issue (which surfaced on the crappy CD) with how her voice is recorded and mized. I think the idea is to have her sound intimate, as if she is whispering in her ear, but the end result is that she's mixed a little low and a little "flat." She needs a smidge of reverb, like she has in the live shows. If you don't know Maura at all, every one who loves country, folk and alt pop should purchase "Blue Is The Colour of Hope" (start with "The Blue Train") or "Stories" (start with "Half Moon Bay") and be mesmerized by a) the great songs written for her and b) her beautiful thick honey voice.

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